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The beginning

The story of how the Connections Comforter came to be is really quite simple! Born of an event between a couple, who while sharing their lives together asleep in bed one night, discovered, although soley without intent (so they say...wink wink!) that one half of the team was a thief!!! This was discovered when the unsuspecting victim was woken, not by an unpleasant badly off tune symphony of snoring, but rather the harsh chill-which would normally be held at bay, at least in part, by the warmth of one's half of the duvet- of realizing that you are sleeping with a BLANKET HOG...!!! Although my initial reaction was to yank my part of the duvet back, I didn't! I couldn't risk intentionally waking up my partner! It was over the next few hours, while staring at my loving partner wrapped up in all of the blankets, blissfully asleep, that the idea of a duvet that would gracefully separate as needed, throughout the night, came to be. Today we know it as the CONNECTIONS COMFORTER



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